“Plus Size” Models

The ideal female figure has changed and this is how…

Below is a series of shocking statistics about the average size and weight of models has changed over the last two decades. This will raise awareness to many about how todays society views the ideal female figure and image, and remind us when there as a time when models were not expected to be stick thin and bones.


“Most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.”
“Years ago, models averaged between a size 12 – 18.”
“These days the majority of “plus-size” models on agency boards are between a size 10 and 14.”
“50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but most outlets only cater to sizes 14 and smaller.”


Today, some modelling agencies cater to “plus-size” models but not enough to actually make a change in the industry. As today, big well-known brands and shopping outlets showcased “straight-size” women to model “plus-size” clothing. Unfortunately, brands like Athlete and Fashion Nova have been caught out in the act, also shops like Top Shop have been criticised for not selling “plus-size” clothing.

From personal experience, I range from a size 10 – 12 (being 6ft tall)  in clothing and have been told I am bigger than the average size model. This was a real eye opener to the fashion and modelling industry and how strict they were for models to be the “right size”.

Ignoring issues like photoshoots that are only available to models that are a size 8 and therefore eliminating the possibility of using “plus-size” models. If we continue to ignore and rely on others to decide what we want to see, change will never happen. No one should starve themselves or hate their body because they don’t look like the unrealistic and photoshopped images on our advertisements.

There needs to be diversity to demonstrate and embrace a more realistic, natural and positive attitude towards our bodies. To especially show young girls and women that not everyone’s body is the same, some women are curvier, some are skinnier, some are shorter and some are taller. There is beauty in all.



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