The Industry

Are you ready? 

What to expect…

The modelling industry is tough but I believe anyone that wants to pursue a modelling career has to be or learn to be thick skinned and not take anything negative to heart. From experience and personal stories, there are many mean, stuck up and rude people in the industry that would say irrelevant comments to you or behind your back. The expected body size is strict as well, I mean a size 10 is considered a plus size?! Crazy.

The most important thing of modelling or in life in general, is just to love and accept yourself and to ignore the negativity. The negativity is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of them. No one is perfect and no one ever will be, everyone has their insecurities. The strongest people embrace them and accept them as they make them who they are. No one can ever be you, but you can be a better you.

People may know of you as “the model” thinking that’s who you are and the only thing you do, summing you up but you’re not “just a model”, you are so much more. So don’t take it to heart as it’s their problem of judging you from what they have heard. Stay strong and true to yourself and the people that you care about because that’s all that matters.

You are beautiful and delicate on the outside but fierce and strong in the inside. Embrace it!

This is a quick industry and many things are changing so go with the flow and enjoy it while it lasts! You never know you may make it to the big names in the industry. Stay unique, be yourself, love everything you do and spread love!