Your health – mentally, physically and emotionally – is very important!


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a major key in life!


EAT healthy foods. Organic and fresh foods are the best for you. Anything processed or fried is toxic and very bad for your body, it won’t kill you but won’t do you any justice in the long run. Just because you choose to eat healthy, does not mean you are on a diet. It is a choice of living a healthy lifestyle to live longer and feel good all the time.

WATER is the most important thing ever. Our body is mostly made of water. At least 1L should be consumed everyday. Not only will it cleanse the insides, but this will also help with clearer skin.


EXERCISE is crucial to keep your body looking and feeling great. At least 30 minutes of strength exercises everyday and cardio exercise to your own level. Most importantly to stretch before and after exercising, to decrease the event of injuring yourself.

SLEEP is essential. As an adult, at least 8 hours of sleep is needed. It is very important to rest for energy can be saved and produced for the next day.

Mind, Body & Soul:

MEDITATION is an incredible healer and all-around mood balancer. It calms the body and mind from everything and lets you just be. A good 15 minute meditation is great every morning and night to relax. There are many meditation guides followed on YouTube.

TIME should be personally important to everyone, spending time with family and friends, work and with yourself. Pamper yourself or just relax by yourself. Go for a walk or read a book. Get some alone time to reflect and breathe as today, the world is moving fast and things are changing.

MUSIC – I believe music is vital as it has been around forever and is medicine for our soul. When we are happy, sad, etc. we are always listening to music and it soothes us and communicates in a way someone else can’t.

ENJOY your life and make it wonderful. Appreciate and be thankful for everything 🙂



PS. I am not a personal trainer / nutritionist / teacher / expert in maintaining or giving advice for a healthy lifestyle, just tips.