What to wear


In order to get jobs, models must go to casting calls, where designers, editors, agents/scouts choose which models they want to hire for the modelling job. It is expected to look like a ‘blank canvas’ for it makes it easier for the judges to imagine the models in a variety of looks.

Unless told otherwise, it is required to wear fitted clothing, skinny jeans, a neutral t-shirt/singlet and a good pair of basic heels (NO WEDGES). Basic colors of black, white, grey and blue jeans.

This is so the 83e27e7d9b90434f486fd4054a47f421casting judges can easily see your figure and your natural beauty of unique features without the clothing being distracting.

Now that the clothing is sorted, make sure you are well groomed. Hair is healthy and maintained, nails are neat and clean, and you wear the most minimalist make-up. It is very important to not wear heavy make-up as the judges want to see your natural state, if you are wearing heavy make-up, it is most likely they’ll ask you to remove it before seeing you.